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Microsoft Cloud

The term cloud computing often referred to as simply “the cloud,” is the delivery of on-demand computing resources-everything from applications to cloud data centers-over the Internet on a pay-for-use basis.

The model eliminates the need of making upfront fixed investment in infrastructure, buying and managing the underlying expensive hardware, software, etc.

Microsoft Azure, formerly known as Windows Azure, is Microsoft’s public cloud computing platform. It provides a range of cloud services including:

  • Compute
  • Analytics
  • Storage
  • Networking

Users can pick and choose from these services to develop and scale new applications, or run existing applications, in the public cloud.

Most of the businesses worldwide have turned their focus to cloud computing to meet their specific IT software needs to enhance their existing processes in-order to increase the overall profitability.

IDS Infotech Ltd. (IDSIL) provides MS Azure cloud-based solutions that are associated with your competitive strategy. We bring you cloud experience across various modes – be it onsite, mobile and web platforms for cross domain industries including Retail, Legal, Healthcare and more.

Platform as a service (PaaS)

MS Azure Platform as a service provides a cloud-based environment where everything is provided to support the complete lifecycle of building and delivering web-based cloud applications, without the cost and complexity of buying and managing the underlying expensive hardware, software, etc.

IDSIL Key offerings on PaaS

  • Application Development
  • Migration Services
  • DB Management
  • Storage Management

Key Competencies

  • IDS has proven credentials on Microsoft Azure with extensive engagements, happy customers, established knowledge management and governance frameworks, a comprehensive suite of migration and solution accelerators, and compelling industry solutions
  • Legacy of 25+ years in Software development with the team having 12+ years experience in Microsoft technologies and 2+years in the Azure Cloud space
  • Ability to create highly-available, infinitely scalable applications and API’s
  • Existing reusable components and accelerators that can be utilized to improve the productivity for specific Azure based customer requirements
  • Focus on the application, not the infrastructure
  • Enterprise agreement with Microsoft to provide Azure services. This provides us an opportunity to get an in-depth understanding of windows Azure future plans and focused go-to-market initiatives with Microsoft
  • Offer various types of engagement models including Fixed Bid Offshore, Dedicated Offshore, Onsite – Offshore and Pure Onsite

Case Studies


Job Management System

IDS developed a Job Management System (JMS) using ASP.Net and C# that allows our client to have better control over their client’s jobs and
track all of them in past, present and future from inception to invoicing
stage. Application is deployed on Microsoft Azure cloud using PaaS cloud service to save time and cost and gain scalability. It eliminated
client’s upfront investment in infrastructure and provided the advantage
of pay-per-use pricing.

Salient Features of the Application

  • End to End Job tracking
  • Job invoicing
  • 3rd party accounting tool integration
  • Real time ‘Work in Progress’ board
  • Real time tracking for live jobs and other day to day
Employee Performance Tool

IDS developed an online Performance Management System using ASP.Net and C# for large organizations to better manage, track and
review their employee performance. The tool is built considering
multilingual support. Also, it has fully responsive design to run on all
devices. Application is deployed on Azure using Cloud Service for
providing flexibility to control hardware resources as per requirement,
paying only for the resources you need at any given time.

Salient Features of the Application

  • Managed workflow where 360° analysis can be done
  • Attractive dashboards
  • Interactive reports
  • Automated generation of employee scorecard
  • Responsive design compatible with tablets and laptops
  • Tracking of assigned goals with the help of line graphs
eMarketing Data Analysis/Reporting Tool

IDS developed an online marketing automation application using .Net,
Flex, MS SQL Server and MS Azure
platform, for SMBs to manage the
e-marketing data such as Campaigns, Emails, Key Performance Indexes,
etc. The platform is designed to leverage large volume of data and
advanced analytics to help client’s customers pose and answer
sophisticated business questions, particularly those that involve trends
and changes over time.

Salient Features of the Application

  • Interactive and intuitive dashboards with easy navigation to access different application features
  • Integrated SQL Server reports to display large volumes of data
  • Automated work flows
  • Client
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